When Is the Best Time to Get a New Driveway
New Driveway

When Is the Best Time to Get a New Driveway

If your driveway is starting to show its age, you're probably interested in having it replaced soon. In fact, you may be thinking about completing this home maintenance project at some point during the upcoming year. Just be sure to pick the right season for the job.

When is the best time to get a new driveway? You'll need to select a season when both the ground and the air are the right temperature.  Ahead, you'll learn why the warmest months of the year are generally the best time for a new driveway.

Best Seasons for a New Driveway

Because ambient and surface temperatures play such an important role in how quickly hot-mix asphalt cools, it is important to choose the right season for laying asphalt. If you don't consider the best time for a new driveway, you may be displeased in the long run when your driveway starts to break down prematurely.

As a general rule, the best seasons for asphalt driveway installation are:

  • Late in the spring after the ground has thawed.
  • At any point in the summer.
  • Fall before the weather turns too chilly.

This will vary based on what area of the country you live in, of course. Areas that are warm year-round will have a longer span of acceptable time than those who live farther north. In some far southern places, winter installation may even be a reasonable option. 

Importance of Having a Driveway Professionally Paved

Knowing whether a day is just right for laying asphalt is the type of knowledge that comes with professional experience and training. On your own, you may have a hard time weighing all the relevant factors to accurately determine whether it's time to lay your driveway.

When pouring asphalt on a less-than-ideal day, professional paving contractors may have the ability to perform adjustments that can make up for the environmental challenges. For example, they may increase the starting temperature of the hot-mix asphalt in order to buy a few extra minutes.

Also, professional tools are usually able to get the job done faster than home tools can manage. Therefore, even on a somewhat cool day, the pros have a greater ability to sufficiently pack the asphalt before it cures too much.

Scheduling a Driveway Installation

If you're in the market for a new asphalt driveway, be sure to plan ahead. Because there is a limited season for asphalt installation in most climates, paving contractors can be quite in demand during the warm months.

Waiting until the paving company gets busy may mean that you have to wait longer than you'd like to get your new driveway. Unfortunately, because the season is limited, if you wait too long, you may even have to hold off until the following year.

Plus, if you call early for an estimate, you may receive a better quote than you would later in the season. If you appreciate a good deal, calling ahead of the official start of paving season may pay off for you. Plus, you'll be first on the list for a new driveway when the weather turns favorable.

For the best, longest-lasting asphalt driveway, be sure to hire a pro who will lay your surface at the right time of the year. Relying on favorable conditions, expert knowledge and professional equipment, a paving contractor will be able to lay an asphalt driveway that can serve your home or business for years to come.

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