Complete Paving Services From Speed Bumps to Line Striping
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Other Asphalt Paving Services

More Than Just Paving Get Speed Bumps & Line Striping on Long Island

Our paving services don't end when the asphalt is laid. We offer a variety of services to fully equip your paved surfaces for use. Our expert team also works to maintain the good condition of your blacktop or other pavement.

Line Striping

Parking lots, private roads and even some walkways need stripes to guide the drivers and walkers who use them. We can add fresh lines to brand-new pavement, or we can refresh old striping.

We stripe carefully so that lines are straight and even. Because we understand that striping is one of the first things that a person notices about your parking area, we are committed to producing quality work.

Edging Effects

Trimming your paved surfaces with specialty edging effects gives your property a polished look. Our installation team has experience with installing a variety of edging materials, including:

  • Cobblestone.
  • Railroad ties.
  • Steel.
  • Brick pavers.

This is just a small sample of the landscaping and building materials that we can use. If you have a different type of edging in mind, give us a call. We'll work with you to create a design that matches your vision.

Wheel Stops

It's surprisingly easy for a driver to pull up too far and bump into your building. All it takes is one mistake in the parking lot, and the building, the car, and even the car's occupants can end up hurt.

Prevent this type of damage by including wheel stops in your parking lot arrangement. When a driver pulls up too far, a quick bump of the tires against the wheel stop serves as a reminder to apply the brakes before damage happens. Our sturdy wheel stops are a simple addition to your parking lot, but both property owners and drivers appreciate the difference that they make.

Speed Bumps

Drivers sometimes feel a need for speed, but fast driving in parking lots and on roads can be dangerous. For the sake of safety, you may want to slow drivers down with speed bumps.

For a uniform look, we can install speed bumps that coordinate with your asphalt pavement. These permanent structures remind drivers to go slowly, which gives you peace of mind as a property manager or business owner.

Crack Filling

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping asphalt and concrete surfaces in good condition. When cracks appear, it is best to fill them right away before they have a chance to spread. The sooner that you call us, the sooner that we can fix the problem.

We also tackle bigger cracks and holes. If your pavement requires extra attention, give us a call. We'll use our knowledge and skills to restore smoothness to your paved surfaces.

Our various paving services are available for brand-new surfaces and for those that have been around for a long time. Give us a call, and we'll help you make your parking lot, driveway, walkway or private road the best that it can be.