Best Materials for Long Driveways on Long Island

Homes set far off the street afford more privacy than the standard suburban lot. The distance from the road reduces noise and deters door-to-door solicitors. However, a deep lot with a home set far back from the front property edge requires a long driveway. When picking the best material for your long driveway, carefully consider […]

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Sealcoating FAQ: All of Your Questions Answered Here

Do you have questions about sealcoating your asphalt surfaces? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The expert team at PALERMO PAVING stands ready to answer all your questions about sealcoating.What is sealcoating?Sealcoating is applied as a protective liquid barrier to the top of existing asphalt surface. This coating shields the asphalt from the elements […]

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5 Benefits of a Concrete Driveway That You Can’t Ignore

Are you deciding between an asphalt driveway or a concrete driveway? PALERMO PAVING provides driveway construction services using the most popular materials for Long Island residences. Concrete driveways are a popular alternative to asphalt. They add a clean, finished look to any home and offer many benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of a […]

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Do I Need to Sealcoat My Driveway?

A properly maintained driveway will last for 15 years or more. That’s what any Long Island asphalt paving company will tell you. But what does properly maintained mean? At PALERMO PAVING we get many questions about driveway maintenance. The most common question is, “Do I need to sealcoat my driveway?” and the second most common […]

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The Top 3 Best Driveway Materials for Long Island Driveways

Are you building a new home, renovating your existing home, or just looking for a little more curb appeal? The driveway, front door, fences, lawn, and landscaping are the most important elements of your home’s curb appeal. When selecting the best driveway materials for your driveway, you must balance function with appearance and factor in […]

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What to Expect With Your New Blacktop Installation

You’ve weighed your options and considered your alternatives. Now that you’ve decided to have PALERMO PAVING install a new asphalt driveway or parking lot, what’s next? Here is what you can expect when you have a new asphalt surface installed by PALERMO PAVING.  Site PreparationThe key to a long life is careful preparation.  For a new […]

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Gravel vs Asphalt Driveway: The Benefits of Each & Which Is Best for You

It’s time for a new driveway. Should you go with the same material you’ve used in the past, or try something new? To help you decide, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each material you’re considering.If your debate is between asphalt and gravel, we’ve already done the research for you. […]

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The Many Uses of Asphalt: A Complete List

What all can you do with asphalt? You might be surprised to learn just how many uses there are for this material! It has value for both commercial and residential applications. Check out this list of the uses of asphalt. Whether you’re a homeowner or a property manager, you may find new ideas for incorporating […]

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Use Your Free Time in Quarantine to Plan for a New Driveway

If you’ve suddenly found yourself at home more often than usual, consider putting your extra free time to good use by making plans for your home and property. In particular, this may be an excellent opportunity to start thinking about a new driveway. By brainstorming now, once life returns to normal, you’ll be prepared to […]

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A Guide to the Properties of Asphalt and Why It Matters

When it’s time to install a new driveway, there are a variety of materials from which you can choose. These include oil and stone, poured concrete, brick pavers and gravel, among others. One of the top choices on Long Island is asphalt.  In the list below, you’ll discover five of the properties of asphalt that […]

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