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Oil & Stone Surfaces

If you want to prepare in advance for dealing with winter weather, consider having us install driveways or walkways of oil and stone. This type of surface looks like it is covered with loose gravel, but the gravel is actually held down with a layer of oil. We press the gravel into the oil to help secure it to the ground.

Oil and stone driveways and walkways can be useful in the snow because the rough gravel surface provides traction underfoot. Therefore, it may require less-frequent sanding than smoother surfaces.

Removing snow from an oil and stone driveway requires special know-how, however. Running a plow or a shovel too close to the top layer may dislodge the pieces of gravel. Because we are familiar with the special needs of oil and stone, we are able to perform careful snow removal over these surfaces.

No matter how much snow falls this winter, our removal and sanding services can help keep your parking lots and driveways clear and safe. As an additional safety measure, consider the natural traction that oil and stone surfaces provide. You can rely on our expertise for the installation and maintenance of oil and stone.

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