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Asphalt Sealcoating Services

Long Island Asphalt Sealcoating Protects & Beautifies Driveways & More

We take pride in every driveway, parking lot and sidewalk that we lay, and we want those surfaces to stay in great shape for years to come. We offer sealcoating services that protect your asphalt surface and preserve its appearance.

What Is Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealant helps maintain the integrity of blacktop surfaces. Over time, the asphalt cement that holds blacktop together can break down; left long enough, the asphalt will start to crumble or break apart.

Sealcoating maintains asphalt's ability to hold together. It guards the surface against the effects of moisture, oils and ultraviolet rays from the sun, and that protection keeps the asphalt cement from breaking down.

Asphalt sealant fills in tiny cracks to repair them and keep them from expanding. This process can keep major cracks and potholes at bay.

Sealing asphalt helps maintain its dark color. A freshly sealed driveway or parking lot will have the rich blackness of new asphalt. With regular blacktop sealing, your surface can continue to look pristine for years to come.

Applied by Hand

Our sealcoating surfaces are always applied by hand. This careful application process allows us to be thorough and exact as we refresh the surface of your blacktop. We do not use sprayers because they may miss some spots or overspray onto other surfaces.

Sprayers apply sealant that sits right on top of the asphalt. With our hand-application process, we are able to press the sealant down into the blacktop. The sealcoating mixture fills in the tiny bumps and cracks in the surface to create a thorough, even layer of protection.

Sealcoating Tips

Asphalt should be sealed approximately once every two years. You may be able to extend this time slightly if your asphalt surface is showing no cracks or light patches. If you see even small cracks, however, do not wait more than two years to sealcoat the surface.

Your surface may need two coats of sealant. Our expert team can advise you on whether you should plan for one application or two.

Although we are careful with our hand-application of sealant, some material may get on your grass. This is not a cause for concern as it will not kill the plants. After a few rounds of lawn-mowing, all evidence of the excess sealant will have disappeared.

After sealcoating, allow the sealant to cure before driving a car on it. You should wait at least 24 hours, and 48 hours is even better.

Most asphalt driveways can last for 25 years or even more, but neglecting your blacktop surface will shorten its lifespan. Get the most out of your asphalt surface by bringing our team in for regular applications of sealant. Our hand-applied sealcoating services help maintain the appearance and structural integrity of your asphalt driveway, sidewalk or basketball court.