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Poured Concrete Services

Long Island Poured Concrete Services for Driveways, Curbs & Sidewalks

When you think of driveways, curbs and sidewalks, the first material that comes to your mind is probably concrete. Poured concrete is a choice material for all of those projects and more. Consider our poured concrete services for any jobs that require a strong, rugged material.

What Is Concrete?

If you think that concrete and cement are one and the same, you’re only partially correct. Cement is one component of concrete, but it’s not the only one. Concrete is made up of:

  • Portland Cement: The first ingredient that is necessary for mixing concrete is powdered cement.
  • Water: The cement is mixed with water to form a paste.
  • Aggregate: The paste is mixed with rocks, sand and gravel; both large and small pieces are used. When the paste hardens, it binds the aggregate together.
  • Air: Although it isn’t one of the main components of concrete, all concrete contains air. Large bubbles of air lead to defects, but tiny pockets of air in the hardened concrete help increase its durability through any weather.

For long-lasting concrete, these ingredients must be mixed in the correct proportions. Quality concrete uses just enough water to keep the mixture workable, and it must be poured before it hardens. Thanks to our concrete expertise, we can mix and pour your materials with precision.

Benefits of Concrete

There are good reasons that poured concrete is a popular choice for driveways and other surfaces. Longevity and easy maintenance are two of the biggest reasons.

  • Longevity: A concrete surface may last for up to 30 years, particularly if it has been laid with expertise and is properly cared for.
  • Maintenance: Concrete surfaces do not require heavy maintenance routines. Resealing driveways or other surfaces every one to two years is recommended. Care should be taken when clearing ice and snow.

Concrete Applications

Poured concrete can meet many functional needs around your home, business or neighborhood. We can lay poured concrete for any of the following applications.


Poured concrete curbs create definition between a road and the surrounding yard. A sturdy curb helps keep drivers from going off of the road and onto your lawn.

Curbs are also useful and attractive additions to landscaping, where they serve to demarcate various areas of the yard design. A concrete curb also helps contain mulch or other landscaping fill. Unlike plastic edging, concrete curbing will not pop out of place or fall into disrepair after a few short years of use.


Poured concrete is a classic material for driveways. Its surface is smooth and even, and it can take the rigors of repeatedly backing out, pulling in, and parking on it.

Unlike a loose gravel driveway, a concrete driveway is firm and solid, and it doesn’t need to be replaced every few years. Instead, a concrete driveway may last for 25 years or more, and it just needs to be cleaned and sealed every now and then.


The apron is the stretch of material that connects the road to the driveway. It is often 8 feet or more in length, and it serves as a transition area as drivers pull into or out of the driveway.

A driveway apron can be the same material as the main driveway or a different material. In other words, you can use a poured concrete apron to match your concrete driveway, or your concrete apron can lead up to a driveway of asphalt, paving bricks or cobblestones.


Poured concrete sidewalks can run along the edge or your property, or they can wind through the middle of your yard. Although straight-line sidewalks are popular, curved patterns can add interest to a landscaping design. Walking paths can lead to doors, decks or garages. On the grounds of large properties, sidewalks can connect one building to another.

When expertly installed, a well-laid sidewalk can last 20 years or more.


Whether it’s around the pool or out the back door, a concrete patio provides a place to relax in the great outdoors and gather with friends. A poured concrete patio is smooth and durable, and it can be shaped to match the curves of your landscaping or set in a perfect rectangle. You can count on this as a spot to hang out for year after year.

Professional installation makes the difference between poured concrete that doesn’t hold up and poured concrete that lasts and lasts. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every concrete project we complete is done with the kind of care and expertise that yields a long-lasting product.