Delivering Dirt, Top Soil & Other Fill Materials on Long Island
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Trucking Services for Soil Gravel and Fill Delivery

Delivering Soil, Gravel & Other Fill Materials on Long Island Reliably

When you need a large load of dirt or other materials, where can you turn? Our supply and delivery services can take care of all of your needs for soil, gravel and more.

Why Order a Load of Fill Materials

Fill delivery is useful whenever you have a project that requires a large batch of materials. Purchasing and transporting individual bags of soil or gravel becomes an overwhelming task when you have a wide or deep area to cover. Not only is it unnecessarily time-consuming to work with small bags of materials, but it also wastes a good deal of plastic packaging.

The easier, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly choice is to have us supply and deliver a load of materials. We will bring your soil to you, and no lifting bags, cutting them open, and throwing away the plastic wrappers will be required. Instead, you can focus your efforts on arranging the soil or gravel exactly how you'd like it.

Where to Use Fill Materials

We supply and deliver fill materials for homeowners, property managers and business owners. The options for where to use these materials are endless, but some popular uses include:

  • Gardens: With a load of soil, you can prepare a garden for planting. Plants need soil that is 6 to 12 inches in depth.

  • Landscaping: Lawn ornamentation will benefit from a load of soil for healthy plant growth. Your landscaping will look best if you also top it with a load of decorative material like gravel.
  • Ditches and Depressions: Holes, cracks and other openings in your lawn can be dangerous. They also encourage standing water. Restore the smooth contours of your yard by filling in these spaces with a load of dirt.
  • Lawn Sculpting: Small hills and swells in the ground add visual interest to a lawn. Dirt can be used to build up the yard in some areas.
  • Swimming Pools: Installing a swimming pool involves digging up much soil. Once the installation is complete, a delivery of materials can be used to restore the appearance of your lawn. Gravel spread around the pool area adds to the landscaping of the yard.
  • Driveways: Spreading gravel is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to cover a driveway.
  • Patios: Much of the material that we supply and deliver is small in nature, but we can also provide large stones that can be used to create a tough patio with a natural appearance.
  • Paths and Walkways: Use large stones or small gravel to design a garden walkway or a path between two buildings.
  • Driveway or Patio Sub-bases: Before laying a driveway or a patio, the ground must be prepared. We can bring a load of material that will serve as a supportive base for the new surface that will be installed.

Materials That We Supply

For whatever project you have in mind, we can supply the right material for the job.

Screen Topsoil

During production, screen topsoil is filtered through a mesh sieve. This process results in evenly sized particles of soil.

All topsoil contains organic material to help plants grow, but screen topsoil is ideal for gardening because the uniform size of the particles is beneficial for plant health. This consistency helps ensure an even spread of moisture and nutrients. Screen topsoil is especially beneficial for helping large plants with extensive roots to thrive.

Fill Dirt

Unlike topsoil, fill dirt is not rich with organic material. Instead, it is comprised of a mix of particles, including clay, sand and crushed rock.

This material is excellent for non-growing applications, such as places where you are filling in depressions or building up hills. It forms a solid, reliable surface that is helpful for a variety of construction projects.

Other Materials

We also supply and deliver a variety of rock and stone materials for your building and design projects.

  • Bluestone: This sandstone comes in pieces of various sizes. The sections are typically several inches wide but only 1 or 2 inches thick, so they are ideal for lining a patio or walkway.
  • Gravel: This rocky material is useful for filling in large areas, including driveways, paths and sections of landscaping.
  • Recycled Concrete Blend Base: This environmentally friendly material makes a good sub-base before the installation of a driveway, patio or other paved surface. Crushed concrete can also be used for filler around swimming pools or outdoor plants.

Call upon our stock of soil, dirt and other materials for all of your supply and delivery needs.