Patio Pavers FAQ: Your Questions Answered Here

Patio Pavers FAQ: Your Questions Answered Here

Patio pavers are a great way to bring interest to walkways, driveways, patios, and asphalt or concrete driveway aprons. Pavers and cobblestones not only add curb appeal to Long Island homes, but they also create stunning outdoor living and entertaining areas. 

If you aren’t familiar with this construction material or have questions about patio pavers and cobblestones for Long Island patios, walkways, and driveways you’ll find answers to the most common questions here.

Are patio pavers durable?

Yes! When the surface is properly prepared and patio pavers and cobblestones are professionally installed you can expect your walkway, patio, or driveway to last for years. Pavers stand up to changes in the weather. They don’t create potholes and they resist cracking as well.  

How long do patio pavers last?

When properly installed and maintained, you can expect your patio pavers and cobblestones to last for years.   Brick pavers are a manufactured product made from clay and cured in a kiln.   Brick paver material provides many years of wear. 

What pavers are available for Long Island patios?

Brick pavers are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. PALERMO PAVING specializes in the installation of paving stones by Cambridge. See current product availability here. 

How do you care for pavers?

Caring for patio pavers is easy. Simply sweep or use a leaf blower to remove large debris. It is important to waterproof your pavers with a sealant every 5 years. Waterproof sealing products protect your patio pavers from moisture from rain, snow, and ice. You can use a garden hose to rinse off patio pavers.

If your patio pavers are in a shaded area, you may want to have your patio or walkway professionally cleaned every few years.  Look for cleaning service companies that offer soft washing or other alternatives to pressure washing. Cleaning pavers with high-press washing may remove algae and mold, but it can also remove sand as well. 

Can you put furniture on patio pavers?

Absolutely! Patio brick pavers are sturdy enough to stand up to patio furniture. If you have heavy furniture, you may want to periodically move it to avoid uneven settling. Patio furniture with metal legs and feet can rust and stain pavers. We recommend sealing your pavers to protect against rust stains and fitting felt pads on the bottom of your patio furniture to prevent scratches on your patio pavers.  If your barbeque grill has metal feet, you’ll want to put felt pads on the bottom of these feet as well. 

How can pavers be used?

Patio pavers can be used to build stairs, walkways, patios, and driveways.  Special paver blocks can also be used to build retaining walls, seating areas, and fire pits. 

When used as a paving material, patio pavers can be installed in a variety of patterns and designs. The most common patterns are the herringbone and the running bond.

The patio paver design along with the color of the paver adds architectural interest to your paver installation. 

How do you keep weeds out of pavers? 

Traditionally, regular sand was used to fill the spaces between patio pavers and cobblestones. Seeds would seem to find their way into the sand, sprout, and homeowners were faced with pulling the weeds and moss from between the pavers.

Modern patio paver installations use polymeric sand to hold pavers in place and fill the gaps between paving stones.  This product is similar to the grout used to fill between ceramic and porcelain tiles. When activated by water, the polymers in the sand harden and cure. This creates a tough and durable surface that seeds can’t penetrate.

Can you install patio pavers near tree roots?

Yes, with proper site preparation, patio pavers can be installed near tree roots. Tree roots can ruin entire slabs of concrete or asphalt by lifting or cracking the pavement.  However, with patio pavers, the area lifted is confined and the repairs are easier and less costly. 

Where can I get patio pavers on Long Island?

Contact PALERMO PAVING to get a quote on installing patio pavers, cobblestones, and other masonry services.

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