What You Need to Know About Driveway Widening

What You Need to Know About Driveway Widening

Chances are your current driveway was in place when you purchased your home. Even with a new home, the driveway you get is the driveway the builder provides. But over time, your needs change.

Maybe you have added to your family and in the process added a new driver or two. Or perhaps the kids are now driving, and you have more vehicles. Possibly you have a new toy or two that needs parking. 

Whatever the reason, it’s possible you may need a wider driveway for more parking and storage. If you find yourself in this situation, here is what you need to know about driveway widening. 

Know the Rules

If you want to widen your driveway on Long Island, you will need to get approval.

Each village and township on Long Island has its own set of rules (code) that establish the size of a driveway and how much of the lot/land can be used by the driveway.

Before you start any paving project, check the zoning for the village and the township. If your proposed project will not comply, you may need to get a permit or variance.  A variance gives you permission to build outside of the standard regulations. If the wider driveway increases the curb cut where the driveway apron meets the street, you may also need additional approvals. 

If you have a homeowner’s association (HOA), check to see if their approval is necessary as well. 

It’s important to understand the approval and permit/variance process before you begin work. You want your permits and approval in place before the first shovel of dirt is turned.  The paperwork may seem like a hassle, but it isn’t nearly as much hassle as becoming embroiled in a legal battle with the village, township, or HOA once the project is underway or finished. 

Determine the Paving Material

Depending on the driveway widening project, you may use the same paving material as your driveway or a different material.

If the code allows for a gravel parking pad, this is a cost-effective way to add parking to your driveway area for a boat or RV.  Gravel adds traction, but it needs to be periodically replenished. 

Brick pavers offer a beautiful addition to any driveway, but Asphalt paving and poured concrete both last for years and make great options for driveway widening. 

The Driveway Widening Process

The process of widening a driveway is similar to the process used to install a new driveway.

First, the site must be assessed for drainage. If water ponds in the area to be paved, drainage installation comes before paving. Once drains are installed or the slope is corrected, the paving process can start. 

Just as with new driveways, the site is excavated and the base prepared. The driveway extension should be level with the existing driveway. 

Once the area is compact and level, the new paving material is installed.   IT MUST BE NOTED THAT IF THE EXTENSION IS ADJACENT TO EXISTING MATERIAL, A SEAM WILL BE VISIBLE, unless of course you opt for new blacktop over the entire surface.     

Driveway widening is the perfect time to add brick paver edging to create a clean, finished, and upscale look to your driveway and parking areas.   Bricks and cobblestone are popular edging materials for Long Island driveways. 

Picking a Driveway Widening Partner

Widening your Long Island driveway isn’t a DIY project, no matter how accomplished you may be.

Excavating requires specialized equipment as does pouring concrete or applying asphalt coatings. 

Creating a level brick, gravel, or stone surface that will last requires skill. 

Turn to the paving experts at PALERMO PAVING for all your Long Island paving needs. Whether you want to widen your driveway, add a parking pad, or replace cracked concrete or weathered asphalt, PALERMO PAVING is your trusted partner. 

Contact us to schedule a quote. 

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