5 Driveway Paving Best Practices to Keep In Mind

5 Driveway Paving Best Practices to Keep In Mind

PALERMO PAVING is a family-owned and family-operated business based in Bellport. NY. We provide our customers with the highest quality paving services. You don’t stay in business for 58 years without attention to detail.

When hiring a Long Island paving company for residential or commercial work, in addition to price, discuss how the work will be done. For asphalt paving to last, it requires a proper application. There’s no value in a job that isn’t done well, no matter what price you pay. 

Ensure you get real value from your driveway paving project. Make sure the paving company you hire follows all driveway paving best practices. Here are the top 5 to monitor.

5 Driveway Paving Best Practices

#1 Proper Planning

All successful paving projects begin with careful planning. Your driveway isn’t an island. Driveways transition to the street, the garage, sidewalks, and walkways. Subgrades require excavation to the depth of the pavement to create smooth transitions. 

These transitions should not create tripping hazards or present bumps or dips in the pavement. 

Ask how transitions will be handled. 

PALERMO PAVING not only creates smooth transitions between the paving and an adjacent surface, but we create decorative transitions too. 

PALERMO PAVING created a beautiful brick apron for this Long Island asphalt driveway.

This Long Island driveway transitions with brick edging. Not only are the transitions smooth, but they also add curb appeal. 

#2 Proper Site Preparation

Proper water management is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your paved surfaces. If your existing pavement suffers from ponding or water doesn’t drain away from the pavement, the life of your driveway decreases.

PALERMO PAVING assesses site drainage in the beginning. If drainage issues are present, we include remediation as part of the paving project. 

#3 Assessing Cracks

Cracks in existing asphalt can propagate to new asphalt. However, just a few transverse cracks in a driveway shouldn’t be a concern. Your paving company should fill these cracks before repaving.

However, beware of multiple cracks that make your asphalt look like alligator skin. These alligator cracks are a sign the subgrade is failing and requires replacement. New asphalt applied over existing alligator cracks won’t last as the base is no longer stable. 

Driveway paving best practices prohibit paving over alligator cracks. PALERMO PAVING recommends complete driveway replacement when alligator cracks are present. 

Avoid any paving company that tells you they can pave over alligator cracks and create a driveway that will last. 

#4 Use a Layered Approach

A stable and sturdy asphalt surface is created like a parfait – in layers.

The base layer literally sets the stage for the driveway. PALERMO PAVING recommends a minimum base layer of 4” compacted until firm. The National Asphalt Pavement Association recommends a base of 3 to 4 inches. 

PALERMO PAVING uses eco-friendly paving practices and creates the base layer with recycled concrete. 

The asphalt is then placed in layers and compacted between the layers. A 3” compacted surface should be created with two layers, each 1.5” thick when compacted. 

Ask your paving company if they use recycled products to create the base and if they apply asphalt in layers. 

#5 Constant Paver Speed

Ripples, waves, and irregular mat depth occur when paving speed doesn’t stay relatively constant. These inconsistencies mar the look and performance of the asphalt driveway.

Driveway paving best practices keep the paver in operation with minimal changes to speed. Delivery of hot mix material to keep the hopper a minimum of one-third full requires careful timing. It all goes back to proper planning!

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Make sure to include a consultation with PALERMO PAVING when evaluating Long Island paving companies.

You’ll work with a company built by putting paving best practices to work every day. 

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