When Does a Driveway Extension Make Sense?

When Does a Driveway Extension Make Sense?

What do you mean I need a driveway extension? My driveway reaches all the way from the garage to the street!

When people talk about extending the driveway, they rarely refer to making the driveway longer.  If the neighbor casually mentions you might need a driveway extension, they aren’t talking about making it longer, they are suggesting you might need extra width or a parking pad.

Signs You Need a Driveway Extension

Do you find the street in front of your home is lined with cars from family members and visitors? Even if the neighbors don’t say anything, they are probably thinking about it. Streets lined with cars are a hazard. They make it hard for vehicles to conduct two-way traffic, pose a danger to pedestrians and kids playing, and make it difficult for delivery and sanitation trucks to do their jobs efficiently and safely.

If dead grass and tire trenches line your driveway it’s a good sign you need a driveway extension. Vehicles constantly driving off the edge of the driveway compact the soil, making it difficult for grass to grow. In rainy or snowy conditions, the wet soil can’t handle the weight of the vehicles and the tires create trenches. If your vehicles are squeezing in and out of the driveway, you need extra pavement.  Sooner or later, more than just the grass will be damaged. 

If the only place the kids can play is in the street, you need a safer place for them to have fun. Extending the driveway gives them room to shoot hoops, ride bikes and scooters, and practice their roller skating and rollerblading skills. An additional parking pad frees up room for recreation by providing an alternative place for parking.

If you’ve got teenagers, you’re going to need more parking. Even if your teen isn’t driving, if they have friends with a driver’s license those friends are going to be looking for a place to park at your house. Once your teens start driving, their vehicles will need parking too.

Are you always walking on the grass? If exiting the car requires you to walk on the grass, you need an expanded parking area at your house. A wider parking area will keep your feet on the pavement and off the grass. 

Did you buy a boat or RV and are trying to find a place to park it? Don’t pay for boat RV storage fees for years to come. A driveway extension is an affordable alternative and keeps your toys right at hand. So, when you get the urge to hit the road or the water, your recreational vehicle will be at home and ready to go. 

What Does a Driveway Extension Look Like?

When finished, a driveway extension should look exactly like the rest of your driveway. A skilled paving contractor like PALERMO PAVING prepares the new site, installs the new concrete or asphalt driveway extension, and then (if you opt for the extra expense) can finish both surfaces to create a unified look.    If the driveway extension impacts site drainage, the paving contractor ensures the new area drains properly by installing drainage or grading.

If you are expanding a gravel driveway, the PALERMO PAVING can match (if available) the gravel and ensure both surfaces are level and present a unified look.

At completion, all you and your neighbors will see is a clean, smooth but expanded and much-improved parking area. 

Long Island Driveway Extensions, Pavement Repair, and New Paving

Whatever your paving needs, rely on PALERMO PAVING for paving driveways, patios, and walkways.

Long Island residents have trusted PALERMO PAVING since 1964. 

Get a free quote today and keep the cars off the grass and on the driveway. 

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