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The Many Uses of Asphalt: A Complete List

What all can you do with asphalt? You might be surprised to learn just how many uses there are for this material! It has value for both commercial and residential applications. Check out this list of the uses of asphalt. Whether you're a homeowner or a property manager, you may find new ideas for incorporating this material into your property.


For both residential and commercial properties, asphalt (also called blacktop) is a popular material for paving driveways on Long Island.  It's strong, flexible, smooth and attractive. You can count on a properly maintained asphalt driveway to last for a few decades.

Flexible repair options can keep your driveway looking good for years to come. Crack filling is handy for taking care of small issues. Sealcoating the driveway restores its dark finish and provides protection from the elements. Milling and resurfacing can remedy troubles in a driveway that's past the point of basic crack filling.

Thanks to economical repair options, installing an asphalt driveway can be an excellent investment.


There's a good chance that you drive on asphalt roadways, especially here in New York, every day. This material is tough enough to stand up to repeated traffic, day in and day out. Its natural flexibility helps it remain strong even when it bears uneven loads.

Plus, asphalt is recyclable. When it comes time to repave a road, the old material can be ground up and used again. This is good for the environment and your budget.

Keep in mind that asphalt isn't just for highways and city roads. If you have a private road on your property, consider paving it with asphalt.

Sidewalks and Walking Paths

Asphalt is an economical solution for paving residential sidewalks or paving community sidewalks. If you are responsible for maintaining the stretch of sidewalk in front of your home, laying asphalt may be one of your most affordable options.

This material is safe as well. Asphalt sidewalks can be laid in one continuous stretch, so you don't have to worry about individual sections shifting and becoming a tripping hazard. Despite asphalt's smoothness, it has just enough texture to provide traction and reduce fall hazards.

Bicycle Paths

For many of the same reasons that asphalt works well for walkways, it's also a good choice for bike paths. Plus, you can paint easily visible markings on the asphalt surface so that cyclists will know which way to go.

Watch the following video to see what a smooth ride an asphalt trail can provide, and be sure to notice the painted trail markings:


A backyard patio provides a great spot to dine in the open air, gather with friends or enjoy a pleasant evening in the great outdoors. To really enjoy your patio, though, it needs to be smooth and easy to care for.  Asphalt fits that bill.

Properly laid asphalt isn't uneven or bumpy, so you won't have to worry about tripping on it as you carry a platter of sandwiches to your patio table. For crumbs that scatter across the surface or drinks that spill, cleanup is as simple as sweeping a broom across the patio or rinsing it down with a garden hose.


Asphalt may be one of the main materials used for your child's playground.

Granted, it's not a good idea to use asphalt as the only material under swinging or climbing equipment. However, this sturdy surface can serve as a durable foundation on which to place a poured-in-place rubber cushion. The asphalt will help this system last for years to come, and the rubber will help protect kids from injuries.

Large areas of asphalt can be painted with interactive playground games for kids to use again and again. For example, you can spice up your kids' play area with hopscotch or four square boards.

Sports Courts

Many playing fields can benefit from smooth, slip-resistant asphalt surfaces. Basketball courts and tennis courts are two of the most popular. Running tracks may be paved with asphalt as well.

The durability and affordability of asphalt make it a popular choice among school administrators and property managers. Parks, rec centers, resort complexes and correctional facilities are other locations that may want to install asphalt sports surfaces. You could even install a small asphalt basketball court in your backyard.

Water Management

Impermeable asphalt is often used to line retention ponds and reservoirs. It's an inert material, so you can feel good about using it to hold water. In fact, some fish ponds are lined with asphalt.

Asphalt can also be used to achieve proper grading for water runoff. The design of your asphalt surface can direct water toward a dry well or a drainage pool.

Soil Protection

Asphalt can serve as a safe and effective barrier between the soil and potential contaminants. For that reason, asphalt is sometimes used as a landfill foundation. Placing a layer of impermeable asphalt down can keep chemicals from transferring from the garbage to the soil.

Asphalt can also be used for soil retention purposes. A thin layer of sprayed-on asphalt can help hold dirt or sand in place; that way, water runoff won't lead to erosion.

Are you surprised to learn just how many uses for asphalt there are? Keep digging and you'll find additional specialty applications in various industries. For example, asphalt is useful for building airplane runways, supporting train tracks and lining livestock pens.

Whether you've got a basic asphalt job in mind or plan to try something a little out of the ordinary, contact PALERMO PAVING. PALERMO PAVING is located in Bellport, Long Island, New York, and services Suffolk and Nassau.   With the guidance of our experts, you can put asphalt (or blacktop) to work for you.

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